Data Management

Manipulating Data in Thing Scope

As shown in the Kii Cloud SDK for Thing Overview, you can create buckets and objects in a Thing Scope. The thing and thing owners can access these buckets and objects.

You can access the buckets and objects just in the same way as you do in the application, group and user scope. Please read the Managing Data section to see how you can do various bucket and object operations.

Remember that you need to specify the appropriate thing scope in the resource URL. For example, you will use the following resource URL to access a thing scope bucket:


Resource URL and Thing Representation

There are two ways to represent things with the resource URL as below: by the thingID and by the vendorThingID.


    This format uses the thingID to represent the target thing.


    This format uses the vendorThingID to represent the target thing.

Generally, this guide uses the format with the thingID. However, with several exceptions, you can use the format with the vendorThingID. See References for the available formats for each API.

As for the thing access token, you cannot use the /me literal to represent the target thing while you can do so with the user access token.

Manipulating Data in Other Scopes

By default, a thing can access buckets and objects in an application scope, but it cannot access buckets and objects in a group and user scope. You can change this by modifying the ACL.

Please refer to the following pages to see how you can modify the ACL.